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EF#15 Traditional Games vs Modern Games

English Friday Challenge is taking a new step this week. Rather than describing and telling stories,  mentors and admins challenged us to write an opinion. For this week theme is about the differences between our childhood games and nowadays games. I still remember the day that my neighbors and I …

EF#14 Cute and Bright Girl, Miiko

Source: Komik Info Do you know this character? Yes, some of you maybe know Yamada Miiko from Hi Miiko! Comic.  She is the first child from Yamada family. But her personality sometime doesn’t present her like a big sister. Meanwhile her younger brother, Mamoru is the perfect example of a …

EF#13 Exercise Should Be Fun!

I think this month is about exercise. A couple days ago I also made a blog post about staying healthy without spending too much money. And three from four tips that I shared is about exercise. I try to do jogging, walking, and also dancing! These three are the most …

EF#10 Indonesian Food That I Love

I am a person who will have a very good appetite in front of my favorite food. Actually if talking about cooking, western food is easier. But when it comes about taste, Indonesian food is the best. I can’t imagine how many Indonesian Food that I love. I like fried …

Event Report: BEC 1st Gathering

Another week to start, another week to conquer. As many of you knows that Monday is the hardest day of the week. We still haven’t move on from our great weekend, and hate to know that we have to do the routine again for the next 5 days. I am …