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EF#8 Dear Little Lia

I love this week theme: Write to the Younger You – 10 years ago. Now I am gonna write to my little me. — Jakarta, February 2nd, 2015 Dear 16 years old Lia, Hi how are you? You must be very happy to know that in a few months you’ll …

EF#7 Beautiful Scenery of Sentul City

Have you ever want to move from your current city that you live now? I always want to move from Jakarta. 😀 I know, it seems silly. I was born in Jakarta, live for all my life in here. Where any part of the world will accept me? Hahahaha. I …

EF#6 The Baby Inside Me

First of all let me say this: This is the hardest theme ever! I don’t even really know much about alter-ego :'( Hhhh… Take a deep breath, and believe I can do this challenge ;D Yes, it’s Friday again. It’s time for English Day. And the theme is: Here comes …

EF#5 BEC To Me

Another Friday another BEC Weekly Challenge. Today’s theme is: What is BEC to me? Well, I am not quite active both in WhatsApp Group Chat and Learning Group Chat. But I am happy that sometimes I can spend time to have chat with the members. I knew BEC from Mbak …

EF#4 Camping Capsule

Yeiyy! It’s Friday! Do you feel excited? I do, absolutely 🙂 Hmmm… Wait a minute. Why suddenly I am writing in English? I know sometimes I wrote in English, but from now on I will try to write in English every Friday. For those who don’t know, recently I join …