EF#13 Exercise Should Be Fun!

I think this month is about exercise. A couple days ago I also made a blog post about staying healthy without spending too much money. And three from four tips that I shared is about exercise. I try to do jogging, walking, and also dancing! These three are the most economic ways for me to stay fit 🙂
When BEC gave us (members) weekly challenge about what kind of sport that we choose, so I would say that I love any kind of sports that make me happy. You know, sometimes we hate to wake up early and do exercise. We also feel like we don’t have time to do exercise. Well, I think it’s all about our intention to exercise. Remember the proverb, “when there is a will, there is a way”. For me, I will try so hard to manipulate my mood, so I can do exercise happily.
Honestly, I didn’t really like jogging at first. It was so boring when all you can do is just run. After one lap, I used to stop and tried to do another thing. Since this kind of exercise is one of the most economic way for me to exercise, I have no options to do it again to stay fit (hehehe). So I decided to find a way to make it more interesting. For example, I will do it while listening music, I ask my friends to join me, and I also registered to a marathon events (like here and here).
Sport and game also one kind of what I like. I remember when I had an annual meeting in one of Hotel in Jakarta, they provide us Xbox near the meeting room. So when we had a break, we played the Xbox which has a gesture sensor. So there will be no other choice for us rather than to move our body. After that, we felt refreshed and ready to had our meeting again. Never knew that moving our body not only will get you healthy, but also fresh, right?
If you have many friends who wants to stay healthy, lucky you! You can do many sports together. Badminton, soccer, tennis, volley ball, basket ball, and many more. So ask your friends to join you. It’s more fun with more people, right?
What about you? Do you agree that exercise should be fun?

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