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EF#16.1 Branding

Honestly I have so many thoughts in my mind about 2016. I even write it all since the very beginning of the year. But if I have to say it in one word. I can't. So I tried to thinking over it again and again until I found the perfect …

EF#31 Undervalued vs Overvalued

It’s Friday and it’s for English Friday Challenge from Blog English Club (BEC)! For those who haven’t know about BEC, this is a place for you to practice your English writing. Once in two weeks, the admins of BEC will inform about the theme of the challenge. And after that, …

EF#30 There Is No Time To Regret

Being the first child, I feel like have so many pressure from my parents. I tend to follow what they tell me and leave me with no options. Since I was kid, I also didn’t have any willingness to show what I love and what I want to do. In …