EF#15 Traditional Games vs Modern Games

English Friday Challenge is taking a new step this week. Rather than describing and telling stories,  mentors and admins challenged us to write an opinion.
I still remember the day that my neighbors and I always had a game night when I was a kid. On Saturday night we gathered up near the intersection of my house. We used to play many kind of games like petak umpet, baseball, tak benteng, gobak sodor and any other traditional games. We didn’t care how much sweat we had from running and screaming loudly. All we did just have fun with friends. 
It’s very different with many kind of games nowadays. Today’s games are more about technology. More simple but more individual. Usually you have to buy devices such as laptop, PC, or hand phone to play this kind of games. It also can be played by all people, from kids until adult.
I can’t say that Traditional Games is better than Modern Games. There is always positive and negative in everything. So I will write it and let you decide which kind of games that suitable to you.
  • More active. It means very good to your body because playing this games will make your body move. You have to run when you playing gobak sodor. Even when playing congklak, you still need to move your hands, right?
  • More social. Because you need someone else to play the game. Almost every games need partner. That’s why you have to be socialized.
  • More Creative. Traditional games are made because people want to feel refreshed. Long time ago there are no computer, hand phone, or don’t even dream about wi-fi. So people need to make their own games so they feel entertained. Most of the games are using simple items. Even when I played baseball, I used branch instead of baseball stick 🙂
  • More dangerous. Since most of games make you go outside house, you need to be careful with everything around you. 
  • You need more people to play the games. So it will take time to gather people. 


  • More simple. You don’t have to gather friends to play games. Thanks to internet, we can play with people in any other world.
  • Compact. You can bring your device with you in your hands. So… (continue to next point)
  • You can play everywhere and every time.  


  • More individual. Are you the one who playing games while having family dinner? Welcome to anti-social world 🙂
  • It makes you lazy. When things get simple, everything is just easy. Who cares tidying up the fake money of monopoly if I can play Let’s Get Rich? Raise your hand if you’re with me!
  • Expensive. Since you need to have a device to play the game.
Since we are living in the millennium era, many people forget about Traditional Games. Even our kids or younger people don’t really know about it. And then some of people may say that Modern Games is not good for you.
I personally think that there is no right or wrong to play Modern Games. It’s simple, so why shouldn’t we thankful of it. But you need to be more considerate about your personal management. Do not spend most your time to interact with your gadget than with your love one. 
Be smart friends 🙂

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