EF#19 Still…

I never knew that he could be the one that I loved….
He was the one that who could make me do things that he wanted me to do. He was the one that made me say no and with one smirk, I surrender and said yes. He drove at a great speed when he was mad at me. And he was the one that made me go…
The farewell didn’t go smoothly. He only asked for hug, but I refused. The last time that I saw him, he was so sad. I couldn’t say anything.
Within time, I finally knew that he was the one who always stay beside me even good and bad times. He was the one that cared for me when I was sick, He even took me to a beautiful place so I could feel better. And he was the first one who said sorry for everything…
Now, I know that he is the one that I will remember… 
Been missing two weeks challenge in a row. But now here I am ready for the English Friday 19th Challenge
The challenge is getting harder and also more personal every week. Hahahaha. That’s why I decided to make a fiction rather than my personal story 😛
If you know the Teenage Novel called “Still…” by Esti Kinasih, this is the story between Bima and Fanny. Won’t tell you the details of the story here, but I love this novel. And I think I love every novel from Esti Kinasih. I wish she still publish novel, since I haven’t heard about it again until now.

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  1. I read teenlit/chicklit/or whatever it names when I was teenager. And Esti Kinasih is one of my favorite writer. Too bad, I haven't found her books again for long time ago 🙁

  2. Noooo… I prefer not telling my love story here. In my own wedding blog, perhaps?
    #ngimpikejauhan #kapannikah #aukahgelap Hahahahahaha

  3. Hihihi sorry to disappoint you :')
    Suka novel Esti Kinasih juga? Fairish aku juga suka. Tapi setelah dijadiin tv seri bikin ilfil 😛

  4. aahh.. Kuciwaaaa jugaaaa.. kupikir this is it! However, I love the way you told the story Lia, so deep.. and I can feel it.. *bikinngublak-gublakpengalamanpribadi hehehe.. 😛

  5. Esti Kinasih yang dulu bikin novel irish-irish gitu bukan sik, Lia? 😀 Aku rada lupa. Wkwkwk..

    Btw, aku tertipu. Aku pikir ini cerita tentang kamu en pacal -_-

  6. That kind of love story could happen to anybody. It probably has happened to everybody above 17. So it might be taken from a novel, but it might also be your story, my story, and anybody else's…. 😀

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