EF#10 Indonesian Food That I Love

I am a person who will have a very good appetite in front of my favorite food. Actually if talking about cooking, western food is easier. But when it comes about taste, Indonesian food is the best.
I can’t imagine how many Indonesian Food that I love. I like fried rice, gado-gado, ketoprak, chicken noodle, and many more. But one thing that I love for sure is a food that related to meat.

This is one of my favorite, Soto Kaki Sapi Mencos. But I don’t eat “jeroan”, so it will be like other coto but I choose only meat.  I usually eat it with rice and kerupuk. Sluuurrp, it’s so yummy.

If we talk about meat, don’t forget to talk about Padangnese Food. Yes, this is also my favorite lunch. And Rendang is my top side dish of Nasi Padang. I can easily eat all Nasi Padang big portion.

And the last one maybe we call it Indonesian snack for specific. It’s Pisang Molen! I love banana, rather than fried banana, I love molen the most. But it sometimes hard to find abang-abang gorengan that sells pisang molen. So if I find one, I will definitely buy and eat it 🙂

So, what’s your favorite Indonesian Food?


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