EF#12 Let’s Hope For A Better Public Transportation In Jakarta

Transportation means a lot for everyone. We can get mobile and go to one place to another with transportation. So for this week topics of BEC Friday Challenge will be The Meaning Of My Transport.
Most of my time, I use transportation for working. 5 days a week, I need to go from home to office. I used to drive when I still working at my ex-office. My dad asked me to drive so it will be safer for me who often go home late. At that time, the sexual harassment in public transportation issue was very big. 
At that time, I need 1 hour to go to office. No worries, I still can go at 7 a.m from home. But the problem was when I go home. Usually took about 2 hours (if the traffic is good). When it came traffic jam, all I can do was just sitting and doing nothing makes me crazy. Sometimes I get sensitive. And when something really bad, I can curse all night long (not a very good attitude, people!). I feel like driving in Jakarta is really stressful. It drained both your energy and emotion. 
Now, I work near my house. I takes “angkot” only for 20 minutes. Taking angkot makes my life easier, faster, cheaper and more simple. I never worry to pay parking, which makes me more economical 😀 I also can do a little work out, since I need to walk for about 10 minutes to take angkot from home. It’s like killing two birds with one stone, right? 😉
Other than angkot, I usually takes other public transportation. Trans Jakarta (TJ) is one of them, especially when I need to go to the central city. My last two experience when taking TJ was great. I used to hate TJ when my first time working moment. But, last time it didn’t took long for me when I wait for the bus. Changing from paper ticketing into electronic money is really great, too. Salute for TJ, I hope you’ll get better and better in everyday.
The other transportation that I love too is Commuter Line (CL). Usually I took CL when I want to go to Bogor. It’s very cheap! Only IDR 5.000,- from Jakarta to Bogor. Imagine! It’s more economical than driving to Bogor. You can see my story about traveling to Bogor (what public transportation to take when in Bogor, where are the angkot-friendly culinary place, etc) in HERE and HERE.
I may say that Jakarta’s Public Transportation is getting better. Even though in many views still makes us (read: passenger) uncomfortable. I wish we get a clean shuttle bus. I also wish that we can rely on public transportation so much, so we can get to our destination more on time. I know, we will have great public transportation like other’s country someday. I really hope that someday the personal car in Jakarta will be decreasing. Yeaaaay!
One of my favorite public transportation when in Bangkok, BTS. Courtesy of Photo: David
Do you takes Public Transportation everyday? Let’s share!


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