EF#16.1 Branding

This week theme for English Friday is to choose one word for 2016.

Honestly I have so many thoughts in my mind about 2016. I even write it all since the very beginning of the year. But if I have to say it in one word. I can’t. So I tried to thinking over it again and again until I found the perfect word for this year.


I started to have a little confusion about this blog and what is going to be in this writing. And I even slightly talked about Personal Branding in this writing.

So many people say to me that I can do something with my blog. The only problem is I don’t have any uniqueness. And there are a lot of bloggers who are now doing well, because they have their own specialty. Which makes me want to find my own uniqueness.

Until yesterday, I still have no idea of what should I do. And then a friend of mine sent me a message and we decided to talked about it.

My friend gave me so many suggestions and advice, which I think it really help me to find my identity closer. I should give it a try and do some efforts. Please do give me support, guys!

Lia, the petite girl who eats a lot? Lia, who craving for holiday so she can travel? Lia the beauty enthusiast who is never done a perfect selfie, instead doing so many silly selfie? Or Lia who blabbered a lot in her blog?

Which one? Let’s see!

I hope on the next of the year, all of you who are reading this writing can remember me and my blog with my own branding 🙂

Ps: Don’t forget to write down your own word for 2016 in here!

21 Replies to “EF#16.1 Branding”

  1. Tay Tay itu sukaaa banget curhat di lagunya. Mulai dari jaman Tears On My Guitar sampe sekarang dia sudah berubah jadi tambah cantik ( i wonder has she got her face done?), curhat terselubung selalu jadi andalan dia dalam bermusik. Hey, gak ada yang lbh menyenangkan daripada maki2 mantan pacar kamu dan dibayar kan? 😀

  2. Interesting. How about the combination of your "unique" things plus all the things that you mentioned? (in the paragraph before "which one"?)

  3. Same problem with me Lia. Up until now kinda confuse what should i make for my own branding. Several times changed blog name. But haven found the "right" one hehehhe

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