EF#16.3 Three Comfortable Fashion Items for Weekend

Hello Friday!

Another weekend is coming. I always get excited when Friday afternoon. Because this is the time that weekend is started.

Since I am currently a corporate employee, most of my weekdays are spent in the office. Meanwhile on the weekend, I spent most of my time outside my home.

Going out for date, attending blogger events, or hanging out with my family and friends are my activities for the weekend. I have only two days that I have for relaxing and relieving stress, so I always enjoy it so much.

When it comes to outfit, I have several style regarding the events. Sometimes I want to dress girly, but there are lot of times that I want to wear a comfortable outfit.

These are the comfortable fashion items that I love to wear on the weekend:



Lately Jakarta has been very cold. Since the rainy season is coming, I love to wear sweater to warm my body. I prefer an oversized sweater rather than a tight one. My body is very skinny (which I need to gain a few kilos), that’s why I always wear the fit or bigger size one.




This sweater is actually for men. I bought it while I was shopping with my boyfriend. Rather than finding for my boyfriend, my eyes already attached to this grey sweater. So I bought the S size for myself. Hehehehehe.



Sometimes I hate to wear a very tight jeans. It really stuffed (and not good for your health). So, when I want to wear the comfortable one I choose my long time loose jeans. I bought it since 5 or 6 years ago. I don’t really remember, but it has been my favorite, as the color turn to be very shabby.

I rolled up the bottom until my ankle is seen. This is for the illusion so my feet doesn’t look big and my height doesn’t look short. And it works!





Or it also known with famous shoes brand from Japan, Wakai. Mine isn’t from Wakai. It is Airwalk brand which I bought from Payless (yes, I love Payless!).

It is very convenient and comfortable to use. I just wear it like its name, slip on. I even wear it on the English Friday Challenge # 11! Oh I love to wear it every time 😀


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So, what do you think? Comfortable enough to wear on the weekend? I enjoyed it so much until I wear it as my shopping outfit hehehehe.




Show me your outfit for this weekend 😀



This post is for English Friday Challenge from Blog English Club. Let’s join the challenge, too. You may read the theme for this week in here




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