EF#16.6: 3 Things You Should Notice When You Are Online

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With the evolution of technology and communications, nowadays people are seems closer through digital world. We can see people’s activities, what they like, where do they live, and even personal things.

“Closer” in here means you feel close to other people not physically, but you feel close because you are following their social media time line or their digital diary like blog. The more updated you are the more people feel your online presence.

For bloggers whom want their writings to be read by others (like me), online presence is one of the most important things. I usually spread my blog URL to social media to be known. I also tend to inform my activity through social media like, Twitter and Instagram.

No wonder, my old friends know that I am now a blogger, even though we were never met for such a long time. They just see my posts and my pictures from social media.

I also got help from Facebook’s photos and also blog walking. The more active blogger friends (whom I never met) in social media, the more I get to know him/her. This is very helpful when we meet in real life. So guys, don’t forget to take selfie so I can remember you. LOL.

But, being “popular” in digital world not always give you advantages. Many friends of mine decided not to put his/her kids’ picture on social media. Some of them also find that popularity could be a backfire. Well, not everyone like you, right?

To prevent bad things happened, I am thinking what I should do and don’t when I am online. These are things that I should notice:


Since my Facebook is now a social media to support my blogging activity, I started to accept unknown people. Well, I still doing filter by looking at the mutual friends, but we still don’t know someone who never we see in real life.

So, I will not share my personal things like contact, address, phone number, even I decided to hide my school and office. Just in case…


This is something that I am still working on it. But I think I need to ask my family, my close friends, even my boyfriend whether they are okay if I put their pictures or information on my blog.

I even got information from my friend that her friend saw her pictures in some blog, which was mine. And I asked her if it is okay to put her pictures (even it was too late). And she said no problem! Hahahaha.


Here is a thing that sometimes I hate social media. There is a few people who likes to share their privacy online. I don’t know whether he/she is looking for attention or not, but seriously dude, that is not cool.

Remember there are two things that could happened, whether your followers are don’t care or they will mocking at you. Just think about it before you push publish button.


So, have you notice these three things when you are online?

15 Replies to “EF#16.6: 3 Things You Should Notice When You Are Online”

  1. You can share this post with our mom blogger, so many their family photo uploaded on internet, include their kids also, I’m afraid in future will be someone with bad purposes doing something bad with them 🙁


    1. Well, it depends on each person. I am not a mom, yet. I don’t know whether should I hide my future kids identity or not. But one thing for sure, over exposed is not good.

  2. Yes, privacy itu penting. Saya sendiri ngga menggunakan FB sebagai promotion tools hanya karena banyak banget teman sekolah dan saudara di sana. Teman-teman bloggers juga di-approve via filter sih. Terutama kalau belum pernah event bareng 🙁 Tapi takut disangka sombong haha

    1. Hehehehe. Aku juga mikir gitu tuh. Bukan sombong sih, tapi takut aja. Jadi sekarang lihat mutual friendnya dulu.

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