EF#16.4 Show Your Creativity With LINE Camera

While people are competing to have a high-end smartphone, I stick to have an useful one. That’s why I choose based on what I need for my daily activity. That’s why I don’t have many application in my smartphone. I only download the one that often I used.

One of the application that I usually use is, LINE Camera.

For those who doesn’t know, this is an application from LINE Corporation for taking and editing photos. You can also take a beauty photo like other similar application.

LINE CAMERA has many features such as:

  1. CAMERA which has the same function like built-in camera. But you can adjust the brightness before taking a picture.
  2. GALLERY which is a way for you to edit your already taken photo.
  3. COLLAGE will help you to combine more than one photo into one frame.
  4. PAINT will help you to decorate photo with your own creativity.

But what I like the most from this application is because of LINE Sticker.

LINE let you (for those who can’t draw, like me) to decorate your photo with LINE Sticker. There are plenty of free stickers that we can use. Want to have a premium one? You just can buy the premium sticker. Sticker can make photo more fun and cute.

I usually use the 2 or 3 features when I made a comic, especially comic about my office-mate. We always take candid photos and then put it into collage. With the addition of balloon sticker and dialogue text, the comic is done! The last thing to do is to share it with my friends and we usually laugh it out to make stress go away.


This apps really let my creativity out. Most of my friends complement me with the result. I am so happy when they like it and enjoy the comic.


The best thing that I love from this apps is how can I express my creativity anytime and anywhere. I don’t have to open editing software from laptop. I just need smartphone, thumb, and creativity.

What about you? Do you have any favorite application from your smartphone? Tell me! You can also share it through your blog by joining the English Friday Challenge from Blog English Club. You may read the rules in here.


Have a nice weekend!

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