EF#6 The Baby Inside Me

First of all let me say this:
This is the hardest theme ever! I don’t even really know much about alter-ego :'(
Hhhh… Take a deep breath, and believe I can do this challenge ;D
Yes, it’s Friday again. It’s time for English Day. And the theme is: Here comes my alter ego
Based on Wikipedia, 
An alter ego is a second self, which is believed to be distinct from a person’s normal or original personality. A person who has an alter ego is said to lead a double life.
Speaking of double life, I always think that I have two kind of personality. Sometimes I am a calm person and so mature. But in other time, I can be a child or a baby.
These personality comes in different time. When I am at office or in front of new people, I will show my serious side. This is the time when I look very old! Hahahaha 😀
In contrary, I will act like a baby in front of my family or friends. Sometimes I will talk like a child. Like other children, when I am happy my voice will be louder and I become very hyper. This is the time when I look younger than my age! 😉
These personalities will change by the situation and environment. I usually become the normal me, the mature one. But when I meet someone that I find very comfortable, the baby will come. Sometimes I realized the changes after the meeting done. I will think again after that, and surprised that I shouldn’t have raised my voice tone, I shouldn’t have laughed so hard, I shouldn’t have dancing crazily, I shouldn’t have talked stupid things many times and so many things that I shouldn’t have done. So embarrassing :’D
Honestly, I want to keep my mature personality, since I am not young anymore. But I just can’t help to prevent the baby out when I am happy. I will take it as my happy and cheerful side, and hope that I can slowly changing into a better person.
Do you have your own alter ego?

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