Michelle Phan’s Book: Make Up

Sometimes writing your birthday wish list on your blog will make your wish come true. And it happened to me! I wrote my birthday wish, that supposed to be my own personal gift for my birthday present, which is Michelle Phan’s Book: Make Up, Your Life Guide To Beauty Style and Success Online and Off (Phew! What a long title :P).

Since I wrote it, I tried to search in every book store near my house. And I haven’t got it. I assumed that I need to buy it online or asked my friend who will travel abroad. Time passed, and I started to forget my birthday wish. And surprisingly my best friend, Vinda, gave it to me as a birthday present! Yeiy! I am so happy 😀
My Birthday Gift from Vinda

The book is using hard cover which makes it more classy. I love the front picture, Michelle is so pretty. For these few days I already read it some pages. This book started from Michelle’s story from the beginning of her Youtube era, joining Lancome, making Ipsy, and until now having her own make up brand, em
Inside the book
Thing that I learned from this book is how humble and kind she is. I love when she said that she doesn’t have Haul Video. It said
“For me, the haul videos separated the “haves” from the “have-nots”. Being a “have-not”, I didn’t want to celebrate that. Instead, I wanted to celebrate making the most of what you have. That’s how I have to lived my life and that’s what I wanted to prioritize”page 16
Cool, isn’t it?
My dream, but I need to stop dreaming and make it real!
Not only sharing about her life, Michelle also wrote about skin care, make up, fashion, and even daily etiquette. I know for some of people it might be too common. I even watched a video review that said that this book more suitable for younger people, because the way Michelle shared it feels like she is our big sister who told us many great advice for life.
But for me who is living differently from her country, I learned a lot about beauty, attitude, job, and about other country’s culture. This book also encourage us to do things that we love. And the best part of it, is when we make money from it! 😀
I still need to read more pages from this book, which is not very boring (full color with beautiful pictures and drawings by Michelle herself!). And I think it will everlasting since the tips are great for our life. My goal is to make my dream happened through what I love, like Michelle’s did.
Happy a nice day, everyone! Like Michelle said, Good Luck! 🙂

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  1. Apart from skin care and fashion information in here, you should read it, Mas Dani. You can also watch her from Youtube, she is not only shared about beauty, but also other things of live. Great one! 🙂

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