Well, this post were supposed to be posted on Tuesday. But I managed to post it today. On Monday there’s a group chat that remind us that the challenge for this week is OOTD alias Outfit Of The Day! What a coincidence! So I switch the post for today.

This week theme is quite challenging for those who like me. I am not fashionable and I hate taking picture only by myself. You know, the awkward pose always come when I am alone. Forced smile, ugly duck face (oh Raline why you have to be so pretty with that silly pose? Ini gak fair!), “v” sign in my hand, and any other awkward things.

Actually I really want to try at least one. I would like to have my own ootd hashtag in my social media. But it never really happened until last week.

So last week I went to Ancol to had a lunch. While waiting for food, my sister and I went to other spot where it near to the shore. You know when you’re bringing camera and having a good scenery all you want to do is taking picture.

We started with the normal pose. A very sweet pose with scenery as the background. Look at that small eyes, awkward hand, and forced smile!

After that, the idea came up. My sister suggested to have an #ootd pose. I took some courage to do that while there were a lot of people (also taking picture). Here are my pose. Grabbing my own skirt carelessly hahaha! I also brought my favorite bag that honestly it didn’t look matched with my sweater. And look at my shoes! It’s blue. OMG, what a fashion disaster!
Since I think my #ootd was failed, I tried to be back normal. Ehm, I mean normal for me. There you go… 

Acting silly is my thing. I feel this is the way I can be comfortable as I am. Maybe I am not suitable to pose like a model, so why should I am trying hard to be a model? Or maybe I should change into #sillyootd ? Hehehehe.
This week theme is so funny. I really looking forward to read other bloggers post, especially men. Where would you find #ootd by men rather than in BEC Friday Challenge? 😀

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  1. I hope you didn't read mine. Hahahaha.
    Well, outfit is about how you feel right? As long as you are comfortable with it…. Why bother. Hahaha


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