Should I Get a Haircut?

For more than 3 years I have never been had my hair short. As I remember, I have never been got any different hairstyle these years. I kept having a long simple hairstyle all the time. It’s all because I have a bad memory of having really short hair when I was teenager. Since I have a curly hair, it was such a disaster and I hate to have my hair short.
Now my hair is already long. Although it’s my dream hair since I was a kid, but I feel kinda need a change for many reasons. First my hair very dry (I can’t keep my hair wet, it’s bothering me. So hair dryer is my hair weapon). Second, it takes a lot of time to style it. Third, I am bored with my hairstyle.
I’ve been doing some photo search on Pinterest. And here are the haircut that I love:

my favorite!!!
Pretty, huh? Now my biggest concern is my round and wide face shape. Ottoke?????!!!!
All the photos are from Pinterest. Like my Board too, click here.

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