Yoshinoya’s New Menu: Shrimp Bowl

It’s Friday! Yippie. This afternoon, My Sister and I went to Mall to buy a new phone for her. And it was unlucky that the phone was out of stock. So we went to Food Court to have a dinner. She decided to have Yam Mie, while I chose Yoshinoya for my dinner.
I usually order Beef Yakiniku, but today the waitress asked me whether to try their new menu, Shrimp Bowl. It’s only IDR 33.000 include tax and ocha. The Shrimp Bowl is a Fried Shrimp with rice and salad. You can eat it with Tartar Sauce or Mayonnaise. For me, I like Mayonnaise better.
So if you want to try Yoshinoya’s non-beef menu, Shrimp Bowl is worth to try 😉
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