Restaurant Review: Churreria Mall of Indonesia

Hello everyone! Happy Holiday 🙂
Today I’m using my off-day to spend time with my friends. Actually it was not planned. I got an office-call this morning, and I am really pissed that I can’t go back to sleep anymore. Suddenly I remembered that I want to watch a movie, Gravity. As you know that Blitz Cineplex has a promotion with a 30% discount for early movie, I couldn’t missed this opportunity so I called my friends to wake them up! Hahahaha. So we ended watching Gravity. And it is a very good movie 🙂
After watched movie, we went to a restaurant for a lunch. And after lunch we looked for a place to kill time. We chose Churreria, Mall of Indonesia. This place served a Spanish fried dough pastry called Churro. You can dip your Churro with many kind of dipping such as melted dark chocolate, melted milk chocolate, melted caramel, and melted white chocolate. This time I ordered Churros Classic (4 churros) with melted milk chocolate. At first I didn’t know that the Churros is fried. I thought that it is baked like other pastry. But just like any other pastry, the Churros was crisp, nice, and delicious with the milk chocolate. Also remember that you need to eat right after it served.

I also ordered Orange Blossom. And it is the best choice especially on a sunny day like today. The mix of Sunkist, Milk, and Ice is really fresh!
My friend, Yosi ordered Lemon Squash. It is a fresh lemon juice with soda. And it tastes like……. Lemon! Hahahahaha. I couldn’t handle it. It is bitter. It’s good to wake you up from a sleepy day at the office hehehehe 😉
Churreria Cafe located on Mall of Indonesia Lobby 1. They divided the non-smoking and smoking area. You can sit on the outside also. This is a good place to hang out with your friends or have a chit chat with your family. 
Thanks for reading my review 🙂
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Happy Idul Adha ^^
Mall of Indonesia
Ground Floor, Lobby 1
Jl. Raya Boulevard Barat, Kelapa Gading
Jakarta Utara 
Phone +62 (21) 45868273

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