Fruit Layer Cake

Today is Hari Raya Hajj, all my family come to my house and my mom cooked and baked many kind of food/cake. One of the main cake that she made is, Fruit Layer Cake. As you can see in my previous post here, she still addicted to make this kind of cake. Surprisingly, many of her friends ordered! That’s where her confidence came from, and she keeps making this cake all the times! *phew*
Back to the Fruit Layer Cake, I don’t really know about the ingredients, but I am pretty sure that it has same ingredients like any other basic Layer Cake (with the crepes). But mom add fruits and jelly as a toppings. The taste? So far I like it, but not fan of it. Mom still need to find a best ingredients about the cream, to be exactly like I usually eat from First Love Patisserie. But, who cares? On the sunny day like this, we all wanna eat cool and refreshing food! 🙂 
Happy holiday!

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