Kiehl’s Beauty Event

Last Sunday, I went to Kiehl’s Beauty Event from Jessica Simon’s Invitation. She’s really kind and amazing, because this invitation sent to me after I asked on her previous beauty event post, about how I can join any beauty event/workshop/class. A few days after, she contacted me again and informed about this event. Voila! Here I am coming into this event. Thanks Jessica 🙂
 I came at 2 PM. And the event still in preparation. But I didn’t mind at all, since the hosts let me to try the cakes and and appetizers. And it was all DELICIOUS! 🙂 Nom nom nom, I didn’t waiting if I got delicious food like this 🙂
And oh! Jessica also greeted me. She was tall and beautiful. I envy her flawless skin. Let’s hope that someday that my skin will be like hers *finger crossed*
About 3 PM they started the event. MC let Ms. Irma, Kiehl’s Brand Manager to do some speech. She is so petite and also pretty. Same like Jessica, she’s got a gorgeous skin! Huhuhuhu, I felt kinda down at that moment since I got very bad acne scar due to stress T.T
Basically, this event is about Beauty Blogger sharing using Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution. This is a 4 weeks challenge for beauty blogger, like Jessica to use Kiehl’s products. Based on her experience, she felt the difference from the second week trying!
After sharing session, we can have consultation with KCR. And I was surprised that I got an oily skin on my cheek and forehead. So she suggested me to use Calendula Herbal-Extract Toner. And guess what, I got it from the goodie bag they gave me! Can’t wait to try 🙂
Thanks Jessica
Thanks Kiehl’s
Ps: you may see better post about this event on Beauty Appetite ^^ 

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