My First 10K Run

Hi all! Been busy all these weeks. Probably I will post few for this month due to my work. Let’s hope I can do many post as usual 🙂
For short post, I will share my first 10K Run last week. Yes it’s 10 Km. The route for this run is from Monas until Semanggi and back again to Monas. 

With David
I can’t believe I made it! I am more surprise that my bf also made this run until finish 🙂 Even though we failed to get the medals, at least it’s not bad for my first time. Hope this will not my first and last running 😛
My Finish View
Ps: This video was taken from our last 2 Km before finish. As you can look both of us look sweating but we were really happy to see our finish line! Yeiiiy 🙂

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