How To Use Beauty Products Without Destroying Environment?

Social media is a great way to gain awareness about something. My recent instagram timeline mostly talked about living less, reduce waste, recycling things, and many others. As I mentioned before about waste in Indonesia is become problematic, I feel great to see people’s posts about social awereness for making us to be more mindful and think twice before using or buying something.

In my daily life, I am still learning to do that. Things that I tried and have done, such as:

  • I already have my own cutlery to prevent using plastic spoon and fork, even sometimes I forgot to bring it outside 🙁
  • Always bring mineral bottle. But sadly when I run out of water, I still have to buy with plastic bottle.
  • Always bring tote bag to replace plastic bag.

Still on an early stage, but I hope I can do better. One thing that I have been thinking lately and feeling guilty is waste that I made from my job, as a beauty content creator.


First, I absolutely buy beauty products such as skincare and makeup. For makeup, I can use it for a long time, like 1-2 years. But skincare, I use it only 2-6 months for each product. Sometimes I feel guilty when an empty product is thrown to the trash can.

Is it gonna be a non-recyclable waste?

Do I contribute producing more waste?

bring back our bottle

There’s a lot going on my mind. But thankfully nowadays we have many brands that concern about this matter. One of the pioneer is The Body Shop. I just know that their “Bring Back Our Bottles” campaign is an original program from The Body Shop Indonesia since 2008.  Other than that The Body Shop also have a lot of program that environmentally friendly, including “Say No To Plastic Bag”.

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Lately, I heard that BLP Beauty (By Lizzie Parra), an Indonesian Beauty Brand also doing this kind of campaign. They named it “There’s a Box For That”. In this program we can bring back our empty packaging to the store. But for now BLP Beauty store is still few than The Body Shop have. That’s okay, I think their campaign is great start, considering that they are new in this business. Go go BLP!


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I don’t really know any brand which is very focus on this issue. But I hope that someday there will be many brands which are doing this kind of things so we as a buyer don’t have to be guilty when using the products.


One thing that I have been thinking about lately is pr gift packaging. Sometimes brand send me products for job or gifts. I really appreciate that they send me a very pretty packaging. But I feel bad when there are thick bubble wrap, small steorofoam, plastic, packaging with customized shape (but I can’t reuse it), and others.

All of that is really pretty on the camera. But after that it will be a waste.

beauty packaging

I usually forget to remind the sender about this, but now I have to do it. And I am so thankful that I have same thought with Hanifa Ambadar, founder of Female Daily Network (Indonesian Beauty Community). She must have received soooo many pr gifts rather than me. It must be frustrating to see all the waste after.

reuse beauty packaging

I hope her message can be a consideration for all beauty brands in Indonesia.

This also for beauty distributors and online shops.

online shopping beauty products

I am wondering if you feel the same way like I do? Share your thoughts about this matter in the comment section 🙂

7 Replies to “How To Use Beauty Products Without Destroying Environment?”

  1. Sama banget kak, kadang suka ngerasa bingung kalo dapet kiriman dari brand/abis belanja online. Sampahnya banyak banget, ada sampah kardus, bubble wrap, plastik segala macem:(

    1. Bingung yaaa. Tapi semoga nanti ada jalan keluarnya supaya kita bisa tetap menikmati beauty products tapi tanpa merusak lingkungan 🙂

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