EF#5 BEC To Me

Another Friday another BEC Weekly Challenge.

Today’s theme is: What is BEC to me?

Well, I am not quite active both in WhatsApp Group Chat and Learning Group Chat. But I am happy that sometimes I can spend time to have chat with the members.
I knew BEC from Mbak Mia’s post. And then many post related to BEC came up. I was curious and suddenly I joined the WhatsApp Group Chat via Mas Dani
The group chat is very lively. There are many topics that we can talk everyday. Of course we’re doing chat almost with English. So this is really help me to practice my English. 
But there is one thing that I am still lacking. Since I am still new, sometimes I need time to get used and understand of what many members talking. Maybe I always late to join the conversation, and I will end up as a silent reader. Hehehehe…
Some of members also might be already know each other. Sometimes I just can’t join the conversation. But I really want to join hehehe. Dear Admins, please help me to get through my problem hahaha.
I know this is my problem, that’s why when there will be First Gathering for BEC members, I really want to join. I think this will be my chance to know each other personally. Yeiyy..
That’s enough with my “curhatan of the day” :P. For the last writings, I really hope that BEC can continue to do the mission very well and hope that there will be many events and gatherings!
Thanks for reading 🙂

6 Replies to “EF#5 BEC To Me”

  1. Hi Lia.

    Of course we will help. But we are not physic. So please do tell us, you can contact any one of us personally. We are here to learn and help each other. To improve our English. So… Don't be afraid. Okay.

  2. Hi Lia, first of all thank you for joining this community.
    The key to actively involved in a conversation is just be active. don't hesitate. hehehehe.
    This is the place where we can practice our english right? 😀

  3. So, are you going to the gathering?? See you then… 🙂
    Just be brave and speak up mba … salah-salah juga gapapa.. aku juga sering salah 😀

    *salam dari member BEC*

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