EF#4 Camping Capsule

Yeiyy! It’s Friday! Do you feel excited? I do, absolutely 🙂
Hmmm… Wait a minute. Why suddenly I am writing in English? I know sometimes I wrote in English, but from now on I will try to write in English every Friday.
For those who don’t know, recently I join Blog English Club (BEC). This is a community where we can learn to speak/write in English. I join the Whatsapp Group Chat also, and it’s very interesting because we able to chat in English. If you want to join or know more about BEC, please check their official blog HERE.
One of the activity in BEC is English Friday Challenge (EF Challenge), I missed the three previous challenge. And I am happy that I can join their fourth challenge today.
For only one chance, what kind of tool you will grab from Doraemon’s magic pocket?
I will grab Camping Capsule and never give it back to Doraemon 🙂
Source: Doraemon Manga Wiki
This is one of tools that really important for who is very concern about hygiene and need a comfortable place like me. When I go to new places or stay in hotel the first time that I look is bathroom. I also have a difficulty to sleep in new place. I even have homesick disease when it’s already second night away from home!
I know, I said I love traveling. But there are a lot of things that I hate when I do travel. Such a weirdo, huh? Hehehe. That’s why this tool is really important for me (I hope it really exists).
When you go somewhere, just find the empty space. Put the stick on the ground and it will grow. The capsule has one bedroom and bathroom. I will bring all my stuff from my own bedroom, so it will feels like at home. I don’t have to worry about homesick anymore.
Wohoo! With this tools I can travel leisurely. Thanks Doraemon 🙂

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  1. Hmm… As far as I remember, we just go out and the capsule will back into its small size. I hope my memory is right hehehehe 😀

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