EF#30 There Is No Time To Regret

Being the first child, I feel like have so many pressure from my parents. I tend to follow what they tell me and leave me with no options. Since I was kid, I also didn’t have any willingness to show what I love and what I want to do.
In my thought was then, “I will going to take this major in my college, will graduate, and at last I will have a job” that was I think. 
But it is not what I feel now.
I feel like keep telling myself that I should have taken my favorite major which is English before. If I have, maybe now I would probably work at the embassy, or working as an editor, or maybe I would enjoy my work abroad. 
Ha! Dreaming is allowed, right 🙂
But there is no time to regret. Now, I am focusing on my own happiness and doing what I love, like blogging. I believe that if I keep doing it, I will reach my dream someday.

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  1. Me too. I had always been interested in English (that's why I'm always excited with BEC 😀 ) and so I wanted to take a major in English/English teaching in the uni. My parents were actually okay but it was the other people around who were not okay with this (my teachers at school & intensive course, my aunts, etc). So finally I was majoring in Engineering. I'm still okay with engineering actually, but sometimes I was wondering, maybe I would have been able to contribute more as a person if I had been formally trained in English major instead of engineering.. (practising the conditional clause type III, btw… 😛 )

  2. wow.. you're the first to submit, Lia! Nice 🙂 i'm still trying to collect wishes for the future and remembering what i didn't do in the past (which i try not to regret things in the past though). Come to think of it, i used to have this wish of working in german embassy, but now things have gone unexpected…i know the people in german embassy, working closely together with them and getting invitations to some of their events. So yeah.. dreams do come true, just in another form 😉

  3. Jeung Vitaaa, i think it's great of you..now that you have mastered both majors: English and Engineering. If you had majored in English (only), you wouldn't have gone so far (practising type 3! my oh my.. i need to learn more! hahaha!)

  4. @Lia: salam kenal sebelumnya ya 🙂 gw bahkan blm kenalan sama lo dan tau2 dah 'nyampah' di box reply-comment di atas. maaf ya, gw gak tau knapa bs muncul tiga kali reply-comment. kadang2 agak challenging kalo nulis comment di blogspot. ato mungkin emang gw-nya aja yg gaptek 😀 so sorry. kindly just delete them if you wish. and nice to know you (via blog and BEC's meet-up) -rina-

  5. Mbak Rinaaaaa. There is no need to apologize. Hehehehe. Blogspot bermasalah ya? :'(

    I wish I could work at embassy, too Mbak. And I still dreaming about traveling around the world. But maybe now I can travel in another form too. Not for working but for holiday, maybe? ;P

  6. Hi Lia. oo please just call me rina. hehehe! Yes, exactly dear…to be honest, if i have the chance to go abroad, i'd be definitely doing it for holiday. care to join me on some europe trip next year 😉 ? hahaha!

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