EF#30 There Is No Time To Regret

Being the first child, I feel like have so many pressure from my parents. I tend to follow what they tell me and leave me with no options. Since I was kid, I also didn’t have any willingness to show what I love and what I want to do.
In my thought was then, “I will going to take this major in my college, will graduate, and at last I will have a job” that was I think. 
But it is not what I feel now.
I feel like keep telling myself that I should have taken my favorite major which is English before. If I have, maybe now I would probably work at the embassy, or working as an editor, or maybe I would enjoy my work abroad. 
Ha! Dreaming is allowed, right 🙂
But there is no time to regret. Now, I am focusing on my own happiness and doing what I love, like blogging. I believe that if I keep doing it, I will reach my dream someday.


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