EF#28 …A Song That…

Hi, back again with English Friday Challenge with Blog English Club!
This week theme is about a song. Since I love many songs with many reasons, I will tell you a song that related to my condition now.
Lately I keep listening to Simply Red’s song called Say You Love Me. It’s so vintage comparing to my age, huh? Hahahahaha. Yes, thanks to my parents who love music so I know many kind of musics including dangdut! 😀
Back to Simply Red’s song, honestly I used this song as my phone’s ringtone for all the time. Why? Because it’s a song that makes me relax. Especially when rough days like these weeks. 
I feel like I was in the other half of the world when I listen this song. I could feel the grass like in the music video. I could see beautiful white and tall buildings. And I felt that even though I haven’t gone somewhere like that. It’s seems like the holiday mode…….. which is not (now) :'(
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  1. Hehe your post gets me to remember that MTV era when I was in junior – senior high school around 96-99.. MTV (Indonesia) used to play this song frequently 😀

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