EF#23 Mudik Preparation

If you’re living in such a big city, especially Jakarta, Mudik* is one of agenda that can make everyone happy. Why?
I divided two kinds of people in Jakarta. The one who is from outside Jakarta, so they have to go back to their hometown at Eid Fitri. It’s a great thing to see your family after one year. 
And the last one is the one who was born and still living in Jakarta, and they are not going anywhere at Eid Fitri. They don’t have hometown. But hey! Let’s see the brighter side. When Jakarta could be so empty like this? Hahahaha.
I am the last one kind of person. I was born and still living in Jakarta. So this English Friday theme makes me want to let out my imaginary side. 

My father is come from North Sumatera. We think it’s impossible to visit our hometown in such a short time. My mother is just like me who was born and living in Jakarta.
But if someday I had a chance to visit my hometown, here are things that I should be prepared:
  1. Mental. Since I will be on a plane. Oh I hate flying 😛
  2. Medicine. We, Sumatrans tend to eat food that contains of coconut milk. I think my mouth would love it, but my stomach don’t. So, a good medicine will keep my body happy.
  3. Camera. I love the scenery, and I still remember when I visited my hometown when I was kid, I took so many pictures and videos. It’s such a good memory.
  4. Doing research about culinary and cool places to visit. 
  5. Gadget or magazines. To kill times when there’s delay.
That’s my mudik preparation. Even though I love Jakarta when most of the people are going back to their hometown, but I would love to try mudik someday (minus traffic and flight delay).
If you’re going to go back to your hometown, just be prepared and be safe!

*Mudik is a tradition when the people who came to Jakarta (for work/study/living) are going back to their hometown when Eid Fitri to see their family.

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