Review Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio

I have one eye shadow palette that I love. Ever since then, I rarely bought another eye shadow. But, this time I tempted to try Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio: Sweet As Candy.

Let’s see my review after using it so many times.


I’ve been using Wet n Wild lipstick for long times. I love how great the color is. But never tried any other products except the lipstick.

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Suddenly I watched Suhay Salim’s YouTube video which is talk about Wet n Wild. She have the bigger eye shadow palette, and I love the color so much. Suhay also said that the pigmentation is so good, so I thought I should give it try.

I bought my Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio at Guardian Mall Kelapa Gading. The price is IDR 94.000,-.

It took me so long to choose what color should I bought. They have so many beautiful colors and finally I choose E381B, Sweet As Candy colors.


Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio

The packaging was made by plastic. You can see the colors of your eye shadow because they are using transparent plastic glass in the front.

It is pretty handy, you can put it on your makeup case for traveling.

Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio

There are two brushes inside. One is more like sponge with handle. The other is mini brush. I don’t use both because it is so small. I prefer to use my finger or my brushes.

Each color has a word carving. These words are to show you where you should put your eye shadow into your eye lids, such as brow bone, crease, and eyelid.


Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio

The texture is like a compact powder, but the color is really really pigmented. When I put my finger on it and swipe it, all the beautiful color transfer to my finger like a powder.


Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio


The trio of course has three colors, consist of:

Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio

  • Sand color for brow bone. I don’t really know what color for this one. It is not white nor silver. It has a little bit light brown color. So I feel like a sand color 😀
  • Brown color for crease. The brown is dark enough for a color transition for brow bone and eyelids. This color will make more dimension to your eyes.
  • Pink color for eyelids. This color is a little bit tricky. When I swatch it into my eyelids, it become a very light pink. Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between sand color and the pink color. Especially the glittery look will make it more like sandy color.

I like the three colors. That make me wanna buy more color to try.


Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio

This is the first time for me to have an eye shadow with a bright color. For my droopy eyes it will be tricky. I need to balance it with a high pigmented eyeliner color so my eyes will be noticed.

I think this is a great eye shadow for you who like a bright eye shadow color. The price is also much affordable for a non-local brand.

They are also have an official shop at Tokopedia (for Indonesian). You can visit to see some other product prices.

Maybe it will be cheaper if you buy the 8-colors eye shadow. But sure it will be bigger than the trio.

So, have you tried Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio?

18 Replies to “Review Wet n Wild Eye Shadow Trio”

  1. Pengen punya ini, tapi eyeshadow-ku yang lain masih banyak yang utuh. Kudu dihabisin dulu minimal separohnya :3

  2. I think the colors look really nice on you Lia ?
    Btw ini eyeshadow klasik banget yah, murmer dan pigmented. Worth to buy apalagi buat yang lagi demen coba2 warna yaa ?

  3. I just saw this Wet n Wild eyeshadow on Guardian last Saturday but I ended up not buying it because the pigmentation is quite low. However, I think it looks good for daily makeup – and just like what you said, the pink color seems like the sand one 🙂


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