Weekend Box: Wangsa Jelita Natural Body Scrub (Rose)

What are you doing on the weekend?
Lately I always use my weekend time to do something related to my self. I clean my room, clean my make up tools, re-organize my cabinet, and also do scanning product that I haven’t used. For the latter, I found out that I have so many products that I forgot to try. So, I decided to organize them all in one box (I used Lolabox’s box) and name it, Weekend Box
What is Weekend Box? This is the box that has many products which I haven’t tried before. Thing that I should do is, to use one or two products on the weekend. I would say it also, weekend is pampering days with new products.
For this weekend, I try Wangsa Jelita Rose Natural Body Scrub which sent to me from Wangsa Jelita’s team as a thank you gift. Not only Body Scrub, they also sent me Soap Bar. But I’ll review it in another time.
I usually don’t really have time (or maybe always forget) to do scrubbing. The only time that I got is when I take shower. Scrubbing while taking shower is always frustrating me. Because I need to wait the body scrub a little bit dry, so I can do exfoliating. Sometimes I don’t care to wait, and just wash it with water. Yes, the dead skin exfoliating didn’t do well with that way.
So, I came up with an idea. Lately I am watching a new Korean Drama. Scrubbing and watching, I can do both activities in the same time. I don’t feel bored and tired of waiting as well. Voila! I did it this weekend. While watching the last episode of You Who Came From The Stars, I did my scrubbing on my hands and legs! 😀
Well I am doing two activities at the same time, but I also enjoy my scrubbing moment. I can feel the softness of Wangsa Jelita Natural Body Scrub. Thanks to the soft scrub, makes me feel relax. But what I love more from this Natural Body Scrub? The fragrance of Rose makes me feel like a princess. Hehehehehe… Yes! I love this product so much 🙂 I also don’t forget to apply the Wangsa Jelita Rose Natural & Healthy Lotion after rinse the scrub with warm water and dry it with towel.
So, how do you spend your weekend?

2 Replies to “Weekend Box: Wangsa Jelita Natural Body Scrub (Rose)”

  1. liaaaaaa..gara2 baca blognya alo aku baru tau wangsa jelita.. pas search di google eh yg keluar blog kamu hihihi.. jadi pengen coba deehh. enak yah scrubnya? btw wanginya enakan mana sama body shop?

  2. iyaaa, ini udah sekitar tahun lalu aku cobanya. kalo soal wangi, aku belom pernah coba the body shop. tapi wanginya enak kok, dan ga nyegrak. aku suka yg wanginya soft.

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