Weekend Box: Wangsa Jelita Natural Body Scrub (Rose)

What are you doing on the weekend?
Lately I always use my weekend time to do something related to my self. I clean my room, clean my make up tools, re-organize my cabinet, and also do scanning product that I haven’t used. For the latter, I found out that I have so many products that I forgot to try. So, I decided to organize them all in one box (I used Lolabox’s box) and name it, Weekend Box
What is Weekend Box? This is the box that has many products which I haven’t tried before. Thing that I should do is, to use one or two products on the weekend. I would say it also, weekend is pampering days with new products.
For this weekend, I try Wangsa Jelita Rose Natural Body Scrub which sent to me from Wangsa Jelita’s team as a thank you gift. Not only Body Scrub, they also sent me Soap Bar. But I’ll review it in another time.
I usually don’t really have time (or maybe always forget) to do scrubbing. The only time that I got is when I take shower. Scrubbing while taking shower is always frustrating me. Because I need to wait the body scrub a little bit dry, so I can do exfoliating. Sometimes I don’t care to wait, and just wash it with water. Yes, the dead skin exfoliating didn’t do well with that way.
So, I came up with an idea. Lately I am watching a new Korean Drama. Scrubbing and watching, I can do both activities in the same time. I don’t feel bored and tired of waiting as well. Voila! I did it this weekend. While watching the last episode of You Who Came From The Stars, I did my scrubbing on my hands and legs! 😀
Well I am doing two activities at the same time, but I also enjoy my scrubbing moment. I can feel the softness of Wangsa Jelita Natural Body Scrub. Thanks to the soft scrub, makes me feel relax. But what I love more from this Natural Body Scrub? The fragrance of Rose makes me feel like a princess. Hehehehehe… Yes! I love this product so much 🙂 I also don’t forget to apply the Wangsa Jelita Rose Natural & Healthy Lotion after rinse the scrub with warm water and dry it with towel.
So, how do you spend your weekend?


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