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Water Sleeping Pack_EX from Laneige Review

Hi guys,
This time I would like to try post about beauty product review. Since I am not an expert, and only a beginner in beauty blogger world (hihihi), I would like to write down based on my personal experience using Water Sleeping Pack_EX from Laneige. I tried this product from the sample that I got from Lolabox October Edition

source: Lolabox
My skin is very dry, so I decided to try this product at night before sleep. Here are the instruction to apply this product on you face (and neck, if you want to):
  1. Take appropriate amount of the liquid gel and put it on your nose tip, cheeks, forehead and chin. Feel the scent for about 3 seconds (well I tried to smell it, but I don’t think there’s any reaction or there’s something wrong with my nose? :P).
  2. Gently spread the gel all over your face.
  3. Let’s have a good sleep.
  4. In the morning, wash your face. Feel your face is moist and fresh.
  5. Apply this product once or twice a week.

What I like from this product is not sticky, so I am very comfortable while sleeping. And I got the nice effect from it after only one try. Try so hard not to apply it everyday kekekeke~

You can buy this product for Rp 280.000,-/80ml. You can also check their Indonesian website here
For more product information details, you can check also from Lolabox here.

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