The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel Review

You will never miss the super deal offering from The Body Shop. Especially when both of The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel 145ml and The Body Shop Drops of Youth Concentrate 30ml it is only Rp650k,- ($45.5,-). OMG! It’s a lot of discount. When I calculate the normal price for both products it is supposed to be Rp948k,- ($66.3,-).

I got this great deal from Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ), a festival and bazaar which is held annually for Jakarta’s Anniversary. So if you want to get more discounts and offerings, make sure not to miss buying The Body Shop products at PRJ.

the body shop drops of youth liquid peel

Since I’ve already reviewed their Youth Concentrate, this time I will share my experience using The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel. As many of my friends and reviews that I read, they said that this is a very good product, I am curious how it works on my skin.


The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel

Price: Rp389.000,-

Even though I have a dry skin, I still need to do exfoliation at least once a week. My previous and also my favorite exfoliator is Biokos Vital Nutrition Exfoliating Lotion (I have mentioned in this post). I also have tried The Body Shop Vit C Microdermabrasion before.

Both exfoliators that I have used is using scrub. This time I am trying the new one, which is liquid peel. I am going to show you the result.


the body shop

Using high-quality plastic bottle with pump. I don’t really have any difficulty to get the products. They also have a lock system on their pump. So it will prevent from leaking accidentally.

The bottle is transparent with green color. So you can see the product inside. 145ml is a very huge size. Comparing how I use it only once a week.


the body shop exfoliator

Same with its product name, the texture is liquid gel but when you apply it to skin it changes to watery texture. While you are scrubing the skin, soon you can see the dead skin cell and dirt. The color will shows how dirty your skin is. Ewww~



I personally don’t like the very last part when the liquid change into watery and then turn out to be sticky. Sometimes it’s hard for me to glide my hand to the skin. It feels really hurt and sometimes my eyebrow is pulled out accidentally. I don’t find any same reaction like others. I don’t know why, but maybe it is because my skin is super dry.


States on The Body Shop official website:

Enrich with 3 powerful plant stem cells, edekweiss, sea holly, dan criste marine to help skin feels clean, fresh, soft, and supple.


The liquid of The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel is white and there’s chemical strong fragrance that I don’t really like. But it only hit you just at first.


the body shop drops of youth liquid peel

I am still confused why other people say that The Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel is a great product? I get it when the result of my skin is more soft and looks brighter after using it. But I also find that my skin is having redness due to my difficulty applying the product when it becomes sticky (don’t forget about the eyebrow). I think the problem is my skin is too dry, maybe for oily skin it will be a perfect product.

So for me it’s better to go back using scrub kind of exfoliator for the sake of my skin.

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  1. belum pernah pake produk ini… TBS yg aku srg beli cuma parfume dan body showernya :D.. kalo skin carenya memang ga pernah, krn aku ngerasa ini lbh cocok utk kulit bukan asia… Ntahlah mungkin krn melihat temen2ku yg pakai ini, rata2 ga cocok :D. makanya agak hati2 untuk beli produk skin care mereka… secara kulitku sensi banget mba.

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