Scarf Hair Style

Still manage to post in this blog before this year come to end. I know it’s hard to write everyday. Sometimes I feel like I am doing a boring daily life. Ha!
But not in these weeks. Hehehehe. Office seems more fun, since we don’t have nothing to do at the end of year. Ehm, at least for me. So this year we had exchanging gifts each other for christmas celebration. Knowing that there will be a lot of photo taking, so my office-mates agree to bring many accessories to make us look good on camera 🙂
Mine? I brought hair scarf. But, I don’t know how to decorate my hair with this thing. So I end up looking ideas in Pinterest. Here’s what I got:

This look simple. But not as simple as I said. I still need my two friends to do it for my hair. And this was the result.
I know you only can see my face in that photo! Hahaha. But trust me, it was same like the one from Pinterest. For you who want to know the tutorial, here are the steps:
What do you think? Easy? Show me if you already make this hair style 🙂
Just for fun:
I can’t stand with this hair style for long. Maybe I am not used to have something in my head. So I decided to have my hair back loose. But my friends made me to do this hair style. I called it Wendy’s hair style or women country side hair style 😛
Happy holiday!

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