Restaurant Review: Riung Tenda

What’s your favorite Sundanese Restaurant? Mine is Riung Tenda. Been eating in this family restaurant since I was kid and never bored with it. I clearly remember how it first like to be. The  seats are arranged with Saung style and touch of rattan. Which make it more Indonesian. Now they’ve been grown up and become a modern restaurant style without losing their cultural style.
Last Tuesday, my family and I went to Riung Tenda to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. This is his favorite restaurant also, since he only loves Indonesian Foods. It takes about 30-40 minutes from Kelapa Gading to Rawamangun. If you couldn’t find it, just find Tip Top Departement Store Rawamangun. Riung Tenda is across the street of Tip Top.
We ordered our own favorite menus. Yes! We have our own favorite. Even though sometimes we also eat others menu also! 😀
My Fav are Cah Toge Teri (IDR 18.500) and Cumi Goreng Tepung (IDR 38.000). About Cumi Goreng Tepung, they used to have menu combination of Cumi Goreng Tepung and Cah Taoge, which I love it so much. Too bad, they now seperate the menu, that means we have to order 2 menus.
My Dad and also the rest of family (Yes! I am the only one who have my own menu actually kekekekeke….) ordered:
Ikan Gurame 7 Ons (IDR 70.000)
Ayam Goreng (IDR 64.000 for 4 pcs)
Kangkung Balacan (IDR 17.000)it’s spicy but tasty!
My Mum tried Udang Telor Asin (IDR 40.000) for the very first time here. And She didn’t like it so much. Too bad 🙁
I also love the service here! Hope Riung Tenda will always stay the same 🙂
So what’s your favorite Sundanese Restaurant?

Jl. Balai Pustaka Timur 2
Rawamangun, Jakarta Timur
021 4720162

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