Pasar Ah-Poong

First of all, wanna say Happy Eid Mubarak 🙂
On my last day of holiday, my family and I were decided to go somewhere outside the town. Since it’s a long holiday, we’re not going to a place that far away and also favorite public area like Puncak. Don’t wanna end up stuck in car for a long time, huh?
After doing some researched on the internet, we planned to go to Sentul City. It’s not very far away from Jakarta, only takes about 1-2 hours ride. And also, Sentul has already many public attraction that we can visit like, Sentul Paradise, Jungle Land, etc.
We off to Sentul from Jakarta at around 10.00 a.m., and arrived around 11.45 a.m. First we went to Jungle Land, but it was very crowded and we’re not young anymore to play any scary rides! Hahaha. Because it’s already midday, the only thing that we need to find is a restaurant! So, we went to Pasar Ah-Poong.

Pasar Ah-Poong it’s not very far from the toll gate. After took an exit on Sentul Gate, turn left and go straight. When you find the first round about, take right. You’ll find Andalusia Tazkia Mosque and Pasar Ah-Poong is on the other side of the mosque.
Like Jungle Land, Pasar Ah-Poong was also very crowded. But we still tried our own luck by entered the restaurant. Pasar Ah-Poong is like a floating boat that has a food court on it. Well, it’s not actually floating. The food court is the same like you find at Mall, Eat&Eat. I tried Nasi Bakar Ikan Teri, and I didn’t like it because it’s too salty. My brother tried Sate Ayam, and it was so much better. 

For dessert, my sister and I wanted to try Snow Ice. We a little bit got tricked when we ordered. They separate the place of cashier and also the order place, although is not very far. When we pay on the cashier there’s no queue. But after we want to ordered, there’s a very long queue. We couldn’t cancel the order because it’s already paid. There’s no other way than waiting on the queue. Thank God the ice was very delicious!
Before going back to Jakarta we also went to Eco Art Park. There isn’t so much things to do beside walking on the park and crossing the bridge. At that moment, I feel my feet was very sore, so we just walked on the halfway and go back to the car.

So far, here are my tips when you want to go to Pasar Ah-Poong:
  • Don’t go on holiday or weekend! It’s so hard to find empty table for eat. 
  • Don’t go at noon. Because it’s very hot!
  • Look carefully when you want to order something, you might get stucked on a long queue

Well, if you’re not really mind about my tips above, that’s okay. Sentul is a best place when you want to go outside Jakarta and it’s not very far away 🙂
Thanks for reading!

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