Mommy’s Kitchen

Just helping mom with her current hobby, Cooking and Baking. Actually she used to like it a lot, but now I made her like it again. Hehehe… I encourage her to do something that she likes which can make money from it. Hahaha!

Got you, Lia! Yes, I am thinking about doing some side job beside my current job. You can say it is just a starting to push me to be an entrepreneur. While I am still thinking what kind of business I should do, I asked Mom to do her hobby to make it simple, and I’ll help hereverything about the promotion.

we made our yard to be the background 😛

Yummy! :9

So, here is one of the cooking that she made. Kentang Teri Balado. She already made 9, and 7 of it already bought by all of her friends! We made them to buy it first, so we can sell it again if they like it. Too bad, I can help mom due to my work (I really hate this). So I just help her only on weekend (and also being the funding! hahaha).

So guys, if you wanna buy it, please let me know 🙂

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