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Membahas seputar dunia kuliner seperti restaurant review, rekomendasi makanan, dan lainnya.


Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival 2014

Most of you must have known about the famous festival around Kelapa Gading. Each year they present old-style village (known as “Kampoeng Tempoe Doeloe”) to provide food festival combined with fashion events.  When I was in college I used to come to Jakarta Food and Fashion Festival 2014 (JFFF). I …

Chocolate Truffle

I love cooking. But my problem is sometimes I failed every time I cooked. Have you ever feel like that? I envy people who can cook easily. Please help meeee T.T This time I tried making Chocolate Truffle. I got the recipe from And what I like is the …

Kue Nastar: Kue Favorite Sepanjang Waktu

Siapa sih yang gak kenal kue yang identik dengan Bulan Puasa dan Lebaran ini? Ya, Kue Nastar selalu jadi favorit siapa saja, kapan saja, dan dimakan dengan siapa saja.  Baru-baru ini mama membuat pesanan Kue Nastar untuk anak temannya yang akan pulang ke Malaysia untuk sekolah. See? Even when you …

Bolu Kukus Pelangi

Since yesterday was my brother birthday, he asked mom to make something for his colleague. My mom decided to made Rainbow Cake. So it’s her baking. While I still practicing my photography skill 🙂 I really love this picture. So colorful 🙂 What do you think?

Klappertart & Nuget Tahu Udang

New Menu from Esty’s Kitchen! Nuget Tahu Udang – Fried Nuget Tahu Udang – Frozen Klappertart Which one do you like? Don’t forget to Like Our Facebook Fan Page