Let’s Go To Korea

Counting months to Holiday. I am so nervous!!! Since it will be my first time traveling with my own itinerary. Btw, updates for now still we haven’t booked the hostel, yet T.T Must do it by the end of this week!
Even though we haven’t travel, yet. My friends all excited to plan another travel to go. Our dreams and high-talked was to go to somewhere we can watch snow! Hahaha… David told us to go to NY, but it’s too much for us now 🙁 Rather than money issue, we also need to arrange the travel time much longer. So I came up an idea to go to Korea!
I read from Claudia Kaunang’s Tweets before. She said if you’re the first time traveler, you can choose either Singapore or Thailand to be your first travel destination. But if you want to see snow without going to America or Europe, just go to Korea or Japan. Whaaa! I’ll bet there’s gotta be more things to prepare. Money, Time, and also Itinerary. From my Bangkok Itinerary experience, I started to like arranging my own itinerary 😀 So, I’ll be glad to plan our next holiday!!! Yeiiiy!
But wait, there are more things to handle about Bangkok Trip! Meanwhile I’ll just watch this video while imagine when will I be there someday 🙂


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