Happy 18th Months

Never thought that we could be together after all fights, jealousy, and many silly things that we’ve been through. Sometimes we want to give up, but deep in our hearts we hate to be apart for long so much! Hahahaha…
My wish for our relationship is to get married soon always remember our loving and happy moments when we face the bad things 🙂
And my current wish is to have a Theme Park Date like Goo Hara and Andien 😉 kekekekekeke
source: Youtube
source: Andien’s Instagram

2 Replies to “Happy 18th Months”

  1. Happy 18th Months anniversary, Darling !!! hahahaa….kok kayak udah merit :3
    Smoga tetap langgeng, dan menyusul kk Harsyal, ihiii…
    dan siap sandang, pangan, papan-nya.
    Semangka !!!

  2. makaciii buyik cayankkuuuuuu…
    kan biar kayak kamuuu punya sandang, pangan, papan, ama mobil2-an (maksa biar akhirannya sama kayak pantun :P).

    hihihi iya nih, norak kayak udah merit aja wkwkwkwk. kakak harsyal mau kawinnnn ya???? kok ga kabar2in akuuuu T.T hiksss

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