Things That Couples Can Do At Grand Zuri BSD City Hotel

For almost a year me and my husband got married. We rarely got a chance to spend weekend only the two of us. It’s either I have to join my family event or my in laws. Sometimes I beg to him to plan a honeymoon trip again, like we did back then in Yogyakarta.

Unfortunately we still got no time to plan it. But the luck is on us when I finally got a chance to have a one night stay with Grand Zuri BSD City Hotel by winning blog competition last month. Then I got information that we are also gonna have a chance to try all the facilities in the hotel.



Grand Zuri BSD City

That was not my first time to visit Grand Zuri BSD City. I’ve been there for blog workshop before.

At that moment I was wondering if I could stay at this hotel. And my dream came true. I got a chance to stay in this hotel with my husband.

Grand Zuri BSD City

Not only that, the hotel arranged our Superior Room with swan-shaped towels on our bed. It was like we finally got a proper honeymoon room for this time (our real honeymoon room in Yogya just like normal room hahaha).

The room is perfect for couple. It is not too spacey and of course not too small. We got a comfortable queen size bed with sofa in the corner.

Grand Zuri BSD City

Like any other hotel, they got standard facilities like TV cable, WIFI, mini bar, hot kettle, deposit box, laundry, cabinet, and many things.

In the bathroom, beside the shower and toilet, they also got hairdryer and small mirror in front of wide mirror with sink.

We had a great night!


Grand Zuri BSD City

In the afternoon, I got a phone call to inform that Grand Zuri already prepared a romantic dinner for us. We took a bath and got ready to Zuri Terrace where the dinner happened.

Zuri Terracce is located at third floor near swimming pool. It is an outdoor place with a clear sky and high buildings as a scenery.

With the lights of candles, we both had dinner with August special menu: Sup Kacang Merah, Semur Daging, and Selat Solo.

Grand Zuri BSD City

When the night getting darker, we decided to move inside to Zuri Lounge. Zuri Lounge is a spacious area where we can drink, listen to music, or have a casual meeting.

We spent the rest of the night with trying the dessert menu. The menu is inspired by Dutch food, such as Poffertjes and Klappertart.

For beverage we tried Jus Pahlawan and Wamena Coffee. The coffee is so special because the ingredients are from Wamena, Papua. We can choose any kind of coffee with Wamena Coffee.


Grand Zuri BSD City

The next day I woke up earlier because I feel hungry. I woke my husband up and ask him for breakfast.

We had our breakfast at Cerenti Restaurant. This restaurant is in ground floor near hotel lobby.

Cerenti Restaurant serves many kind of food like Indonesian, International, Chinese, and many more. Lucky for us because we came earlier, so the restaurant was not crowded.

Grand Zuri BSD City

Grand Zuri BSD City

We finished our breakfast real quick because I was too excited to try bicycling!

Yes, we can rent bicycle from Grand Zuri Hotel and spend the morning around hotel. We got the tandem bicycle and joined the Car Free Day in front of hotel.

Grand Zuri BSD City

After bicycling my husband went to Gym. They got personal trainer in the gym, so we should not worry to ask what exercise we should do.

If you don’t like work out, we can stay at Sauna near the Gym. Don’t worry, they separate the sauna by gender.

Your kids might be don’t like those two activities. You can let them swim at the swimming pool.

These three activities are located in one place, so it is more comfortable.

Grand Zuri BSD City

Grand Zuri BSD City

Grand Zuri BSD City


Grand Zuri BSD City

Speaking of kids, Grand Zuri is very kid-friendly. They make Kid Activity Area near Cerenti Restaurant. So the parents can eat while take turn to accompany children while they are playing.

Your kids can play trampoline or the slide. But they can also do drawing or coloring.

Sometimes there is a magician who will come and show some tricks to entertain guests.

I also made three episodes of YouTube video about staying at Grand Zuri BSD City. You can watch in my YouTube channel. Please don’t forget to comment, like, and subscribe ๐Ÿ™‚

My last word about Grand Zuri is, we are really really had a good time by staying in here. The place is not too far from Jakarta. You can go by public transportation or your own car.

The hotel also near some malls and public swimming pool. It is perfect for couples, families, and friends.

Thanks for your hospitality, Grand Zuri ๐Ÿ™‚


Grand Zuri BSD City

Jl. Pahlawan Seribu Kavling Ocean Walk
Blok BD Lot. 6 BSD City, Banten โ€“ Indonesia
Phone: +62 21 2940 4955
Fax: +62 21 2940 4966

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  1. baru kemarin nginep di sana, masih lekat dalam ingatan suasananya. Dan sepertinya kita menginap di kamar yang sama. Nyamaaaaanโ€ฆ. aku me time betah banget kemarin hehehe

  2. Akupun ketagihan pengen balik staycation di sana lagi, keramahan dan fasilitas yg ditawarakan juga komplit ya…Pokoknya happy bangaet deh menikmati momen berdua bersama suami tercinta hihihi

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