English Friday: The Story Of My Weight Journey

Hi, it’s been so long since I write in English. I think it’s time for me to start again so I can practice my English. Maybe I will also challenge myself to talk in English for my YouTube Channel. What do you think? 😉

Today’s I am gonna write the topic that most of women really avoid. It’s about weight. I wrote this topic for my Collaborative Blogging KEB (girls, one more topic to go hahaha!). So let’s get started!


Since I was kid, I don’t have any problem with my body. I am not big, but you can tell that I am tiny little girl. Most of people will call me, “ceking” or “kurus” (read: skinny).

I obviously one of kid that really picky eater. I had certain taste for food. That’s why I look skinny.

But most of all, I am healthy. Well, at least I like to do sport and not have any problem with it.

Here in Indonesia, people are prefer to have a chubby baby or kid. If not, they will suggest your mother to get her child gained more weight.

The truth is I don’t easily gain weight. When I was in elementary, my weight is around 20-30 kg. Since high school until going to college, it only gained until 40kg.

I am okay with that. I try to appreciate my body as long as I am healthy and happy.


I was working at the first time. It was my first time to have my own money from my first job salary. I feel like I am the richest girl in the world (well apparently I am not :P). By this money, I can buy anything, especially food.

Apparently this is also the reason why I gain weight after working.

I also started to realized that working itself is tiring. It was the first time that I got my meal schedule right. I was taking breakfast at 6am and had my lunch at 12pm.

Dinner? Sometimes I can eat for two portions. You can tell how tired I was.

Not to mention all the snacks which I wasn’t eat before. It feels like in heaven that I finally know the taste of snacks! (hello belly, are you happy when you’re growing?)

In that moment my weight were around 40-45kg, which I think is still skinny due to my height. But I feel like I can move my body fast, so I am okay with that.

One more thing that I love! I still can use my college days’ outfit without worry. Yay!


I am about to prepare my wedding. It was so surprising that I gained around 5-6 kg only in 6 months. Read my wedding preparation in here 🙂

For those who had already experience it will know how it feels. I feel like very stressful and food is my savior!

The side effect is all my pants are too tight for me. There is one jeans that I love so much since I was at college, but I can’t use it anymore. It is so heart breaking (and my wallet is also crying because I need to buy several pants). :'(

Most of people didn’t really realize that my body is changing. But I feel different. It seems that I became lazier. I prefer to eat and sleep. I don’t like to walk like used to. I feel like my power is gone.

I have one funny story.

A couple weeks ago I went to hotel with my family. When we entered the gate, we usually have to pass through the metal detector. But at that moment we didn’t see the security, so we just pass it without going through the metal detector. That was the moment when I heard someone behind me said,

“Yes, just going through without metal detector”

That was the security who said that which he came from behind us. He helped my brother to opened the door. And he said to me,

“You don’t have to pass the metal detector, Ma’am. You are pregnant, right?”

Daaaang! That was so funny! I think I am not pregnant (at least I think I wasn’t look like a pregnant women). If he think that I am a pregnant woman, how can he tell?

Most of my friends who is pregnant, their body will started to look like a pregnant women when they are in 5 months pregnancy. Did I look like a 5 months pregnant woman?


After that, I realized that I should get my body in shape again. Not only for my looks, but also for my healthy.

I am doing jogging again (I will have my 10k running next week). And I also doing exercise by following Joanna Soh YouTube Channel every morning.

Hopefully I will not gain more weight anymore, because I think my weight now is perfect now. It’s time to maintain it.

How about you? Are you happy with your weight now?

This post is for Collaborative Blogging KEB with Body Weight as the theme.


p style=”text-align: center;”>Same theme writings already written by Mak Diah Alsa.

11 Replies to “English Friday: The Story Of My Weight Journey”

  1. Hahaaa.. Im not! I’m not happy. Because i am too fat!! Ugggg.. Masi ada 5-7kg lagi buat ngurusin badan..
    Ayoo semangaat Lia 🙂

  2. 10k jogging? Does it means 10km jogging?! Wow! I did jogging for about 2km and that was already tiring. I can’t imagine you will do 10km jogging.
    Different from me. When I went to work for the first time and got my first salary, I am not keen on buying food ^^
    I bought another things like boot shoes or cosmetic.

    1. Yes, it’s 10K Milo Run. Which will be happened next week. I’ve been joining this kind of run. You may read it on my blog 🙂
      Hahahaha. I love cosmetics now. I wish I love it since long time agooo 😀

  3. Itu diaaaa… Aku ngga pernah masalah gendutnya. Yang bermasalah adalah kalau harus beli celana baru. Ngga rela banget keluarin uangnya. Mendingan diet or exercise daripada harus habis uang beli celana.

    1. Exactly, Mbak Ruth! Aku tuh cenderung anaknya pewe. Sedih deh ada satu celana yang kusayang banget, pas awal-awal naik berat badan aku paksa pake. Walaupun udah ga nyaman banget. Eh pas beneran gak muat pahanya lagi, langsung bete seharian hahahaha.

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