EF#33 Dear Mature Lia

I choose word “mature” than “old” for the title of this post. Because I believe that in the next 10 years, I may be old by number, but wise as a person 🙂
While I have been writing to my past, now I am writing to me in the future
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So this is my letter to myself in the next 10 years…

Dear 37 years old Lia,
How are you? I hope everything work as your plan. And I believe it will.
Through our hard work and sacrifice from today, I know you will have found your passion and live with it. You will have known that you are live because you want to achieve something.
You will have a balance life between social life, work, and also God.

I don’t know what to say anymore. I just want you to cheer me up and give so much support. So I can be in your position now and enjoy the sweet life after the hardship.


This is my letter, I know it is not really long. I have so many things in my mind now. It seems day by day, I know exactly what I want for my future. I even started to working on it, even though it is hard.
I pray that I can enjoy it one day and work as I plan. Amien 🙂
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