EF#25 Mie Bakso For Ramadan

Honestly I never made my own recipe by myself successfully. That’s why I always need my mom to accompany me and also help me when the disaster came 😀
So for this week challenge, I choose Mie Bakso (Meatball Noodle) as the easy menu that I (and also my mom) can make. 

For the broth, my mom (see… my mom made it, not me. Hahahaha) usually use chicken broth. It takes so many hours to make it very delicious. 
And for the meatballs and noodles, we buy it for supermarket. Because make it by ourselves will take a lot of time. 
This menu is perfect for Sahoor (Sahur), because this kind of meal is really helping you through difficult times when eating at early hour. 
So, what’s your favorite Ramadan meals recipe?
Ps: My mom is selling many cakes and food around Ramadan. Make sure you like and visit her Facebook Fan Page and see many foods that you’d like to eat 🙂

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