EF#21 Bogor, A Must City You Should Visit

Another English Friday Challenge!
And for 21st challenge, it’s about holiday destination under 100k you must see. With this challenge I realized that I haven’t gone to somewhere for that long. Maybe the last time I went travel when I went to Lembang with family. I couldn’t say my umroh trip is a traveling, even though it was fun too 🙂
So I decided to take a look at my photo data, and decided to choose Bogor to be the destination that you should visit! Why? Because it’s more simple, not to far from Jakarta (but it’s already outside Jakarta), and cheaper. 

You can take Commuter Line (CL) from Jakarta to Bogor. It only takes about 1.5 hours with around IDR 10.000,- for the fare. After that you can take angkot to go to Kebun Raya Bogor (KRB).
Last time the entry ticket for KRB was IDR 14.000,- per person. And if you are tired, you can take the shuttle car. It only costs IDR 10.000,- per person.
You shouldn’t forget about culinary when you go somewhere, especially in Bogor. There are a lot of restaurant that you should visit. But when it comes economical, you should visit Saung Pak Ewok. In here you can order heavy food like rice until snack. The price is around IDR 10.000 – IDR 28.000,-. Or you can visit my previous blog post to see the complete menu with the price information 🙂
So, have my post help you to find a new place to visit under 100k?

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