Caring Colours Happy Lips – Kakao Talk Promo Review

Who doesn’t like promo such as Buy 1 Get 1? We all will say definitely YES! Two products for one price is really really great 🙂
So it happened to me when one day I got a message from Kakao Talk. It was from Marta Tilaar Shop. It says that there is promo for Caring Colours Happy Lips. No doubt I came to one of their shop in Kelapa Gading after office. 
And here they are my new lipstick:


I choose this color because I want to have a neutral color, so I can use it for office look. But this lipstick is already my mom’s. She chose it because she thinks that it fit better for her rather than me which is makes me look older (she said, or she want it so bad?!).

This color is bright but also sometimes look soft. It really suit into my skin color. I love it so much so I can use it for dating or any special occasion.
Things that I like also from this lipsticks, as you can see there’s a moisturizing balm so it wont make your lips dry. And it works on me. The lipstick stayed longer and I don’t feel dry at all!
For these two lipsticks, I just spent IDR 38.500,- Very cheap, huh? I am so happy! Hope there will be another promo like this 🙂
Thank you Kakao Talk and Martha Tilaar 

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