Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming soon and honestly I don’t think I am happy about it. Being older is not easy like I thought before. It feels like I wanna stop the time and enjoy at this moment.
But you can’t do that. Life is always goes on. I know, I hate the fact that I will get older when all  about-aging-pressure hit my head. You know something like about marriage, career, and everything. 
Mountain? Beach? Which one?
My first plan of all my birthday that I want to go somewhere alone or maybe meeting someone at my destination. I just want to feel new atmosphere and have a quick getaway to get my head and feelings straight again. Well, I don’t think I can’t do this, but I hope I can have my own solo trip for my birthday.
Well, birthday never really a birthday without present. My recent favorite thing is watching Michelle Phan’s Youtube Video. I know she is a big Youtube star for a long time. But I have never frequently watch her video until now. I love how she transformed into a great person. Her life is very inspiring. And that is why I would like to have Michelle Phan’s Book: “Make Up: Your Life Guide To Beauty Style and Success Online and Off” as my own personal birthday gift. Thanks Female Daily for making this article. Now I know my birthday gift is 😛

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