Birthday Haul at Tony Moly

Yey! Yesterday was my birthday. Hope this year will be my year! Holaaah 🙂
Since it’s my birthday, I want to spend a little bit with shopping. Hohoho I know that’s an excuse, but hey it’s my birthday. I need to get myself a present also *grin*.
So yesterday I went to Tony Moly to buy BB Cream which I love so much. Since I have Danamon Card and I saw a couple week ago they gave discount for 35%. Unluckily the day that I came to Tony Moly, they already changed their discount into 25%. T.T
So here are my “presents”:
You know how women can be so impulsive when they heard word “discount”. Yes, I only need BB cream and Peeling Cream, and the end with buying another blush on. Hahahaha, the SPG was very clever since she said that I need to add one more products around IDR 100.000 and I’ll have member card. To get the member card you need to buy products with total amount IDR 500.000 with one bill. The benefit of being a member? You’ll have 15% discount every time you buy and get 40% discount on your birthday month.
So here are my need products:

Expert Triple BB Cream (IDR 394.000)
The sample size is the one that I got from Lolabox. And I love it since then. I feel my face become flawless. I bring this sample when I went to Bangkok. All of my holiday photos was perfect since I was using this product.

Appletox Smooth Massage Peeling Cream (IDR 199.000)

I also looking for Peeling Cream for my weekend beauty routine. Already reading few reviews of this product and I decided to try it for my own. Hope my skin will love it 🙂

 And there you go the additional “needs”:

Crystal Jelly Cheek Pot (IDR 149.000)
Why do I need this product? No I don’t need it, just want to try it. Hope it will have a very good result!

And here they come the bonus!

 Mask Sheets


Promise only for this time 🙂

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  1. Halo Jessica Simon 🙂
    When is your birthday? They told me that even your month birthday you still got 40% discount.

    Thanks btw for visiting ^^

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