I just happened to have a curiosity about acne, which is bothering me nowadays. I searched many information how to prevent it and take care of it. And then I found out a new interesting Youtube Channel, Asian Beauty Secrets.Go check and subscribe it.
Here  is the interesting video how to figure out what kind of acne do we have:
Now I know what kind of acne do I have. It’s lack of drinking water and stress. Yup, I hope the acne will go away faster! >.<
Source Asian Beauty Secrets Youtube Channel

2 Replies to “Acne!”

  1. ga tau buyik. ini kan versi orang cina kuno. katanya dari situ.

    padahal bisa aja juga dari faktor eksternal kayak ga cuci muka dengan bersih, sarung bantal yang kotor, poni yang kepanjangan, dll.

    tapi paling engga tau penyebab di dalemnya. hehehehe…

    jangan stress-stress terus ya buyiiik :))

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