Youtube Subscribe: missglamorazzi

I’ve been watching Youtube video since 2008 when the K-Pop Reality Show booming. I keep searching funny videos which can makes me cracking up and sometimes my dad find it silly. Hahaha! So what? I enjoy watching it so I can feel happy after it.
Nowadays, my preference on Youtube is change. Still watching funny videos, but I also search beauty make up tutorial. There are so many Youtube account subscribed by me. I keep watching it and hope someday I could do my own make up without being cakey and too much.
One of my favorite Youtube account is missglamorazzi. I just subscribed her account about a month. And I like how neat she is managing her video. Not only about make up, she also shared about her style, food, and even her apartment.
So make sure you watch her videos here. And here is one of her video:
Happy watching!

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