Weekend Box: Ovale Lulur Bali Milk & The Face Shop Real Nature Mask Rice

Another weekend has come. For this weekend I tried two products to have a relaxing weekend skin care. Actually I already tried Ovale Lulur Bali Milk for long time. But for this time I only used it to exfoliate my dead skin on my legs.
From the packaging you can see it dominate with Balinese artwork. Even though it made from plastic, you can see that the container looks elegant and classy (Thanks to the artwork!). Rather than any other body scrub, Ovale Lulur Bali is smaller. 
The texture of body scrub reminds you of Balinese Srub type. It is creamy with natural color. The beads of scrub doesn’t really seen and it’s not thick. But I find it really hard to apply it on your skin. It takes extra energy to apply it on your skin until the dead skin fall out. Sometimes I am not patience, and leaving my skin red from scrubbing. But once the dead skin fall out, you can see many of them falls. That’s why this time I did it only with my legs while (as usual) watching Korean Variety Show. Kekekekekeke~
The result is my skin feels softer and smoother. I also like the fragrance. It doesn’t really bothers me at all. Next time I’ll do it again on my legs while watching Korean Drama hahaha ^^
This weekend I also tried Nature Mask Rice from The Face Shop. I bought it with my friend. She got 50% discount for all The Face Shop’s product. How lucky we were! That’s why I bought this Mask for my face. I am sorry I forgot about the price. I guess with discount it’s around IDR 20.000,-
This mask with Rice Essence that helps brighten and smoothen your face. But for me I used it to moisturized my face, since for whole weekdays sitting at the office with air conditioning. I guess I need something to make my face moist, right?
And the result is my face feels moist. I don’t know about brightening effect. Because I don’t really need of that at all, as long as my face is healthy and looking good 🙂
That’s my Weekend Box for this week. I wonder what products for next week? Don’t forget to visit this blog again 🙂

On the third day after using the natural mask, I got small pimples around my nose and mouth. I don’t know what exactly is it because the mask or other reasons. But before and after using the natural mask, I am only doing the same skincare.

I think I forgot to clean my face after remove the mask. It supposed to be about 10-15 minutes to let the essence absorb into the skin. But I completely not clean it. (CMIW). T.T Too bad, I love using mask.

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