Lub d Siam Square Hostel Bangkok Review

Still not move on from our Bangkok Trip 🙂 Hope you still want to hear my story. Don’t forget to check my blog post series about Bangkok Trip in HERE.
This time I want to share about our hostel where we stayed for 3 days. My concern about staying in Bangkok is cheap and also near BTS Station. My friends and I searched for hotel/hostel from Agoda for months. Until I found Claudia Kaunang’s travel tips for Bangkok that Lub d Siam Square Hostel Bangkok is one on the list.
I take a quick look into their website and found out that they served 4 bed dorms. Which is suitable for us. I also checked their photo gallery and testimony and most of them are satisfied with this hostel. Around 2 months before our departure we booked this hostel.
Since it was my first time booked dormitory hostel, I e-mailed their staff (His/Her name is Pook. Thank you, Pook!) to ask a few things. And I was impressed with their hospitality. They are very helpful and nice. They even sent us map how to get into their hostel with Thailand alphabet. So I didn’t find any difficulty while I took taxi from airport to hostel.
When I first came, there was a huge demonstration in Bangkok. They also set up a tent on the street. Even in front of our hostel. So we need to walked 5 minutes until we reached the hostel. My first impression is this is small hostel but very neat and clean. I love how they choose material of their building. It’s sophisticated!
We came at 12 at noon. Originally the check in time is 2 PM, but they let us in since the dorm was ready. Yippe! We had time to take a rest before going out again. Inside the room is exactly like what I’ve seen on their website. There are 2 bunk beds (with 4 beds) and also one big cabinet divided for 4 people. Each of bed got one reading lamp and two (if I am not mistaken) electricity plug. To be honest the four of us has 4 big trunk and it wasted floor spaces hahahaha! Yes it is not wide enough but it is comfortable and good enough for us to stay. We are not staying in hostel all day right? 🙂
About the bathroom, which is very sensitive for me. I usually hate sharing bathroom. I really hate dirty bathroom. That’s why I keep asked Pook whether they separate their bathroom between ladies and gents. Thank God they are 🙂 And also it is very neat! I don’t feel “yikes” at all! There are 4 toilets and 4 showers. And also they have 4 wide sink with big mirror. They also separate the sink and also the hairdryer. So after you doing your thing with sink you move to other place to dry your hair. Not bothering other people. As long as I remember the shower is always available, we don’t have stand in line to wait others. I was very curious how they clean that place and keep it clean all the time. Seems I’ve never seen their cleaning staff. But when I came up late from going out. It was around 11.30 PM I need to go to toilet, and I met their cleaning staff was cleaning the sink. After she saw me, she just smile and going out. I think it’s one of their rules to keep it clean without bothering their guests. Hmmm.. I think so. But I love their hospitality (once again I say! :)).
Other facility are like computer with free wifi (also we got free wifi in our room), laundry (but you have to pay), mini cinema room, luggage deposit, breakfast (you also have to pay), and many things.
So how will I give Lub d Siam Square Hostel point? It’s 9.5/10 :))
It was all perfect but I feel that it’s quite small especially for you who have a big luggage ^^
But it’s convenient for travelers!
Have you ever visit this hostel? Wanna share your own story?
Lub d Hostel Siam Square
Just for fun! Candid by me when all my friends was so into of taking picture 😀

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2 Replies to “Lub d Siam Square Hostel Bangkok Review”

  1. Waktu ke Bangkok, aku juga udah mempertimbangkan Lubd ini buat tempat menginap selama di Bangkok. Setelah survei harga sana-sini, akhirnya malah kepincut apartment yang nemu di airbnb. Plus tergiur sama discount 50% di airbnb, jadi akhirnya ya nggak jadi nginep di Lubd. Tapi kalau next time ke Bangkok lagi dan harus menginap di hostel, Lubd pasti jadi pilihan utama sih. Lokasinya strategis banget soalnya ya.

    1. Untuk ukuran hostel sih emang mahal untuk budget-ku. Tapi pas cobain dan juga lihat lokasinya, jadi worth it sih semua. Waktu itu mikirnya daripada keluar ongkos buat naik kendaraan dari hostel yang jauh dari BTS, mending di sini aja.

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